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Permit to Burn

Prior to any burning of any kind you must contact the RM office 306-747-2178 (8:30am -4:00pm )

Burning Permits are required from April 1st to Oct 31st each year. Contact the RM Office 1-306-747-2178

If you are burning within 4.5 kilometers of a Provincial Forest, a permit must be obtained from Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency @1-306-953-3422. and then call 1-866-404-4911.

When the fire department is dispatched through 911 they are legally obligated to attend all calls. Charges will occur if your controlled burn was not reported to the RM of Shellbrook.

PLEASE NOTE: In the past fires have been reported to 911 by bystanders thinking it was an out of control fire; with no proper reporting this has resulted in Fire Trucks responding.

Pest Control Officer

Peter Ksyniuk

For information on the Gopher Poison Rebate Program please contact Peter

1-306-961-8594 Email: pdksyniuk@gmail.com

R.M. of Shellbrook has partnered with SaskLander to start a pilot for their website specializing managing access to rural land.

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